Batching and Feeding systems

Electromechanical extractors

Mod. E electromechanic vibrating extractors are built with a static union to be fixed onto bin unload outlet and a vibrating part supported by the static union with compression springs. Vibrations are made by 2 airtight motorvibrators that move one from the other in opposite direction. The vibrator’s capacity is variable with equaI amplitude vibration adjusting in the 2 motorvibrators. Materials sliding part is lined with wear resistant sheet or rubber.


Electromagnetic extractors

All EE Mod. vibrating extractors are supplied with static union to be fixed onto bin outlet, the union is connected to the vibrating part with a dustproof rubber lock. The advantages derived from the use of these electromagnetic powered extractors are as follows:
– Changeable lineal capacity during running.
– Immediate full powered running after start up and stop of vibrating part in few fraction of a second after disconnection.
– No gear and no maintenance needed.





Screw Conveyors