Recycling plants

Slag treatment

The time to consider steel slag as special waste to be disposed of has now gone. Nowadays, recycling represents a safe investment in ecological, energy and economical terms. OM SIDERURGICA stands at the forefront of recovery technologies for such materials, by using a know-how consolidated through years of experience and providing custom-made facilities suited to every customer’s need.

Slag treatment

TRITOM crushing and re-cycling system

The recycling and reclaiming of materials is by now a need for many manufacturing sectors. Therefore, in order to comply with international standards on environment safety, the right technical choice becomes a top priority. The TRITOM, designed and manufactured by OM Siderurgica for an Italian steel plant among the biggest in Europe, is a system for reclaiming and reusing the insulating material and the metal present in process waste.


C&D Plant

All materials derived from demolition works, such as rubbles, bricks, concrete, tiles also mixed soil from excavation, stone, ceramic, wood, plastic and glass, through OM Siderurgica’s recycling of C & D plant, selection, crushing, washing and screening, became materials with high performances, suitable for construction, for example, fills, subgrade, usable by the road branch and in the building industry.