AVP Alimentatori vibranti primari "Grizzly"


AC Trolleys feeders

Designed for the extraction of bulk material from silos and hoppers, accomodating dirty, wet materials, crushed rocks, etc. The upper stationary part is flanged to facilitate application of storage containers. A reciprocating box located below allows regular feed batching. Feed capacity may be regulated easily using the disc crank. Trolley and chute walls (stationary parts) are lined with bolted wear-resistant plates. Material flow is regulated by a series of oscillating steeel bars.

ACR Rock trolleys feeders

The sturdy structure of these feeders and their steady operation makes them ideai for heavy-duty loads in rock, slag and coal treatment plants. They are particularly suitable for big sized pieces used for feeding big crushers. Reduced wear, since ali surfaces in contact with sliding material are protected with wear-resistant bolted plates. This feature, along with their simple construction, reduces maintenance to a minimum. Feed capacity may be easily regulated using control crank mechanisms.

APS Apron feeders

Feeders model APS for continuous feeding of primary crushers, safe in operation and very compact. Rationally designed, rugged and vibration free structure, correct and properly dimensioned transmission gear. Conveying apron with adjustable screw tensioner, formed by articulated rolling plates made in wear resistant cast steel, sliding on driving rollers supported by bronze bushes.


AVP “Grizzly” primary vibrating feeders

Machines used for feeding big primary jaw or impact crushers, after having separated fine quarry material. Real increase in primary crusher productivity, preventing fine material entering the crushing chamber. Extra-heavy structure for the toughest jobs. Flow rate may be regulated by changing counterweight position. This operation should be performed with not running machine (standard feature) or when the machine is running, by means of a special optional devise. Pan section equipped with wear-resistant lining which can be easily replaced. Obstructionfree replaceable grids, with intermediate step for material tilting which facilitates scalping fine material from grit.

E Electromechanical vibrating feeders

Mod. E electromechanic vibrating extractors are built with a static union to be fixed onto bin unload outlet and a vibrating part supported by the static union with compression springs. Vibrations are made by 2 airtight motorvibrators that move one from the other in opposite direction. The vibrator’s capacity is variable with equaI amplitude vibration adjusting in the 2 motorvibrators. Materials sliding part is lined with wear resistant sheet or rubber.

EE Electromagnetic vibrating feeders

All EE Mod. vibrating extractors are supplied with static union to be fixed onto bin outlet, the union is connected to the vibrating part with a dustproof rubber lock. The advantages derived from the use of these electromagnetic powered extractors are as follows:
– Changeable lineal capacity during running.
– Immediate full powered running after start up and stop of vibrating part in few fraction of a second after disconnection.
– No gear and no maintenance needed.