Slag treatment plants: From Slag To Resource

The time to consider steel slag as special waste to be disposed of has now gone. Nowadays, recycling represents a safe investment in ecological, energy and economical terms.

OM SIDERURGICA stands at the forefront of recovery technologies for such materials, by using a know-how consolidated through years of experience and providing custom-made facilities suited to every customer’s need. In order to underline its customer-oriented philosophy, OM SIDERURGICA offers today the option to have turn-key fixed plants or mobile machines, also with the formula of supervised rental for slag treatment, to ensure the highest profit with the cheapest investment.

3 Reasons For Recycle

Ecological Benefits

Alternative Slag Classification
From each ton of cast iron we have 0,23 t of slag, while each 1 t of steel produces instead 0.1÷0.2 t.
These slags, suitably conditioned, feature physical and mechanical properties such as to make them even better than valuable aggregates of effusive origin, like basalt and porphyry, usually employed to produce draining, sound-absorbing and high-grip conglomerates. It is clear that, thanks to steel slag treatments of transformation into a substitute to these natural aggregates, the environmental impact for natural material extraction is drastically reduced, given the demand for building aggregates is ever-increasing, whereas quarries in the territory are decreasing.

ENERGY Benefits

Choosing OM doesn’t mean only quality and reliability, but to be sure of an economical and profitable investment, too.
Following some examples of required power for two different types of plants:

Crushing and Screening

Crushing only

Power installed

266 kW

63 kW


150 t/h

~ 90 t/h

kW/h for 1 t

1,7 kW/h

0,7 kW/h



From cost to resource
In the past, the steel slag was treated as special waste, with high disposal costs.
Today, thanks to the slag treatment plant developed and implemented by OM SIDERURGICA, it is possible to recovery and recycle many materials, with excellent economic saving. If you think so, on 100% of the slag coming from EAF, the 15-20% is represented by ferrous material.
With the OM magnetic separator systems you can recovery more than the 85% of the ferrous material, reducing to minimum the waste. In short, delivery costs and slag stocking in special sites costs will be shoot down.
With a cheaper initial investment the slag will become economical resource and profit point.
The natural materials with mechanical proprieties compared to those produced with steel slag are more expensive in terms of production and delivery, that will grow up the sales cost of the product.
Thanks to its technologies for crushing and transformation of the steel slag, OM SIDERURGICA proposed solutions with a cost amortization of a year from testing date.