New Pneumatic MHS in dense phase

We are proud to present you the project realised by OM Siderurgica at a factory in the northern part of Italy, that manufactures insulating panels: a pneumatic material handling system in dense phase and dosing process on the sand and concrete mixer, including the storage bins (two for sand and one for concrete).

During the engineering part of the process, OM Siderurgica has also studied and foreseen the possibility to install a new second concrete bin in the future.

These bins are loaded by trucks and they are equipped with filtration and mechanical devices for the product level check. They can rely on weighing systems to monitor the product quantity and make the reorder faster.

The sand bins have been respectively equipped with a dense phase pneumatic conveying system with separated lines to feed a hopper weighed in a mixer zone.

Each silo, at the discharge point, has a 250 l pneumatic conveying system and transfers the sand with a capacity of 8.000 kg/h in 21 cycles/h of 375 kg each batch.

In order to preserve the consumptions and the environment we have taken the following precautions:

  • Pneumatic devices installed all along 3 inch pipeline in order to minimize/lower the air consumptions during the transport.
  • At destination we have foreseen a filtration system to avoid possible dust lacks.

While the concrete silo is equipped with a screw conveyor system to dose the product into the mixer hopper.

The two diam 200 mm tubular screw conveyors have a capacity of 4.000 kg/h and they are installed in cascade, so that the first one is a feeding model situated at the silo discharge point, while the second one is a conveying type. The concrete discharging takes place in a dedusting hopper.

The plant is supervised by a PLC to manage automatically the silos, the pneumatic vessels and the dosing system.