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Pneumatic conveying system

Pneumatic transport is a flexible system with high performance compared to the mechanical way; it’s the necessary solution in case of dusty material. The solutions pertaining to pneumatic transport systems designed and put into place by OM Siderurgica are suitable for many uses like: the steel industry, mining, quarry activities, the chemical industry, carmaking, food processing, the drug industry, the plastic material industry, waste disposal, foundries, etc. and allow the handling of materials in dusty state with due regard for the environment.

Compared to the standard handling systems such as screw and belt conveyors, the pneumatic transport has a minimal amount of space and requires less maintenance.

ATEX certification of components available upon request.

Kinds of treated products:
Atomized ceramic, alumina, powders from filters, calcium carbonate, rice and cereals, maize starch, flour, sugar, citric acid, kaolin, bentonite, feldspar, quartz, silica, magnesia, zeolite, dolomite, fertilizer, detergent, sulphate calcium, talc, lime, coal, borax, oxides and several carbonates.


Dense Phase


The OM Siderurgica’s Pneumatic Transport in Dense Phase technology allows to handle powder, granules and flakes of bulk materials by a large piping distances and high flow rates by controlling the speed of the products and the compressed air consumption with energy consumption and economic savings.

Thanks to the activators line “AIRJET” technology you can get the following benefits:

  • product’s low speed in the pipeline, < 0,5 m / sec.
  • high efficiency ratio air / product
  • reduced compressed air consumption
  • transport pressure-relieving < 2 bar, even for distances > 100 m
  • mix degradation reduction
  • wear reduction for abrasive products
  • restart in case of system arrest or stop for compressed air lack
  • the control system by differentiated pressures is useful for many kind of products with different specific weight and granulometry
  • according to the product conveyed and customer’s request, we can produce the booster on stainless steel AISI304 and / or 316
  • European PED Certification.


Semi-Dense Phase with conical and fluidized propeller

The OM Siderurgica’s technology is suitable for products with characteristics of good fluidity and poor abrasiveness.

This system not requires product’s speed control and then becomes a versatile and economical process.

In some cases, considering his small size, this system can be used as recovery for filter or additives dust.

The main characteristics, as follows:

  • transport pressure < 2 bar
  • capacity up to 10 t / h
  • distance within 100 m.
  • according to the product conveyed and customer’s request, we can produce the booster on stainless steel AISI304 and / or 316
  • European PED Certification not required.



Diluted Phase

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The system in dilute phase in pressure and / or vacuum, is a concept that offers many advantages for the pneumatic transport.

The advantages are:

  • use of low transport pressures (maximum 0,8 to 1 bar positive or negative)
  • continuous transport for average distances
  • high transfer spled
  • small dimensions
  • controlled costs

The system is designed to be used only for products:

  • not abrasive
  • average density
  • not degradable
  • not mixed

Usually the diluted phase system includes a rotary feeder (rotary valve) or a Venturi ejector and a blower to generate necessary air / pressure.