TRITOM Crushing and re-cycling system

The recycling and reclaiming of materials is by now a need for many manufacturing sectors. Therefore, in order to comply with international standards on environment safety, the right technical choice becomes a top priority. The TRITOM, designed and manufactured by OM Siderurgica for an Italian steel plant among the biggest in Europe, is a system for reclaiming and reusing the insulating material and the metal present in process waste, e.g. as in ladle caps coming from steel plant processes. Through the TRITOM system it becomes possible to reclaim the metallic material, which may be used for further castings, besides reclaiming the insulating material used in the process with consequent plant cost reduction.

The TRITOM allows for the crushing and separation of various waste materials, that may be reused as raw materials. Its operation is simple and allows the operator reliable use, pursuant to international safety standards, with HMI controls and PLC management. As in all solutions designed and built by OM Siderurgica, it may be fitted to the customer’s needs and undergo modifications or enlargements of the base version, also for applications different from the one described above.